1. Friend scooping up her dogs poop.. funniest thing ever, goood times

  2. Weekend + Arctic monkeys + bestfriend :)

  3. Weekend + arctic monkeys + my bestfriend.. funnn:)

  4. Haircuttt.. something i wanted for a while, short hair woooop :)


  5. "Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it."
    — Johnny Knoxville  

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  6. The beggining;

    In a few days my ‘100 happy days’ start and im really excited to do this and hopefully i’ll succeed in this! i feel like this is what i really needed.. and i really hope i’ll be able to find some happy moments in my day. 

    I opened this tumblr account  JUST for uploading my 100 happy day pics and i dont really care about followers and all that.. thankyou thankyou thankyou to the creators of this, you guys are geniouses! 

    woohooo.. so excited:)